Aman Gupta tears cheque after making an offer to pitchers; says "Bhai tu mujhe maaf kar" !!

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"Experience the drama and tension unfold on Shark Tank India Season 3 as Aman Gupta, co-founder of boAt, tears up his cheque after offering a deal to Zorko, a vegetarian fast food chain seeking investment. Witness the Nahar brothers' ambitious plan to expand to a thousand outle

In a dramatic turn of events on Shark Tank India Season 3, Aman Gupta, the co-founder of boAt and one of the "sharks," was seen tearing up his cheque after offering a deal to two brothers, leading to a moment that caught everyone off guard.

The incident occurred during the pitch of Anand Nahar and Amrit, who were seeking an investment of Rs 1.5 crore for 1% equity for their vegetarian fast food chain, Zorko.

Zorko, founded in 2016 by the Nahar brothers from Surat, Gujarat, has impressively opened 150 outlets in 17 months and that too without external funding.

The restaurant chain offers more than 80 varieties of food products under one roof, such as pizza, sandwiches, burgers, toast, momos, milkshakes, and much more, making you instantly hungry.

During the pitch, they revealed their ambitious plan to expand to a thousand outlets in the next thousand days.

An interesting moment came during their pitch when Anand recounted his previous attempt to invest in OYO Rooms in 2019. He also shared a personal email he had sent to Ritesh Agarwal, which amused the OYO CEO.
Anupam Mittal then asked how much money he had in 2019. Anand replied that he had Rs 5 crore. "We used to invest. I started investing in the stock market right from college," Anand said.

The brothers' financial ask led to an offer from Aman Gupta and Ritesh Agarwal: Rs 20 lakh for 1% equity plus a Rs 1.3 crore loan at 10% interest over three years.

The negotiation hit a snag when the brothers countered, requesting 100 advisory hours for 1% equity, alongside the financial deal. Gupta, emphasizing his unwillingness to commit specific hours, expressed his desire to support without making false promises.

Despite attempts to compromise, including a reduced request for 50 advisory hours, Gupta's frustration with the brothers' insistence led him to tear up the cheque and withdraw his offer, apologizing with "Bhai tu mujhe maaf kar."

Ritesh Agarwal also withdrew, due to their indecisiveness.